Beckman's Song

What is Beckman's School Song you ask?

Beckman School Song

Here at Beckman school,

Where the kids are all cool,

and the staff is the best in the west...

We're a symbol of pride,

of work and love,

We'll be ready to be put to the test!

Every heart beats proud,

and we say it out loud,

Set your sights for the top-

Lift your chin!

So if you want friendship,

Just wear a grin!

Beckman School is the school where you'll win!



From the Principal's Desk


Dear Parents /Guardians,

Effective March 30, 2015, our school will be enforcing our visitors’ school policy that requires all visitors to check in at the office before entering our campus.  All Parents and other visitors that have official business at our school will be required to sign in order to keep our students safe.

Teachers and staff will be on duty to ensure that students are safely entering the cafeteria or moving towards the playground. Parents and guests who do not have a visitor’s badge will be asked to report to the office. There will be no exceptions.

If you have a scheduled meeting with a teacher, or you will be to assisting  in your child’s classroom, please come to the office upon arrival and sign in with the office staff. You will then be given a badge that identifies you as a visitor.

Kindergarten and Preschool parents are welcome to sit with their children during breakfast, however we ask that they please sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s badge as well.

Another significant change is that our students will meet at the blacktop in the mornings to participate in our regular pre-class activities. You are welcome to join us during the morning announcements as long as you have checked in with the office.

We encourage our parents to continue visiting and volunteering in our school and classrooms.  We also want to encourage our parents to continue utilizing our parents’ resource center. Please support and follow our school visitors’ policy and help us maintain a safe learning environment.

Thank you,

Alberto Lopez Velarde


Estimados Padres /Guardianes,

A partir del 30 de Abril 2015, nuestra escuela reforzará la póliza de visitante que requiere que todas  las personas  que se reporten en la oficina. Esta medida es  necesaria para mantener a  nuestros estudiantes seguros.

Maestros y trabajadores de la escuela van estar encargados y se aseguraran que los estudiantes estén seguros entrando en la cafetería o en la área de recreo. Padres y invitados quien no tenga su carnet o nota de visitante  será enviado a la oficina sin excepción.

Si usted tiene alguna conferencia  con un maestro,  o usted tiene alguna cita para asistir al salón de su hijo(a), por favor de venir a la oficina y firmar. Usted se le dará un carnet de identificación como visitante.

Padres de kinder y preschool serán bienvenidos para sentarse con sus niños(a) durante el desayuno, sin embargo nosotros preguntaremos que ellos deben firmar en la oficina para obtener su carnet.

Otro cambio significante es que nuestro estudiantes se van a reunir en el patio de recreo en la mañana para actividades cívicas antes de empezar las clases. Usted será bienvenido a escuchar los anuncios con la condición que usted deberá chequearse en la oficina.

Nosotros apoyamos a nuestros padres a continuar visitando nuestra escuela y seguir siendo voluntario o utilizar nuestro centro de recursos  para los padres. Por favor apóyenos y continúe siguiendo las póliza de visitante y ayudarnos a mantener un ambiente seguro.


Alberto Lopez Velarde





Sights from Around Beckman!


District Parent Newsletter for Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools
Posted by: Alberto Lopez Velarde
Published: 2/18/15


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The Bobcat Pledge

  I Pledge to Respect Myself

  I Pledge to Respect Others

  I Pledge to Respect Authority  


Character Core Values

 Be Safe

 Be Responsible

 Be Respectful

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